Tuesday, August 30, 2011

QY SD Wing Zero Custom - Mini WIP, Assembly Cure and Review

I'm off with my final SD backlog, QY's Wing Zero Custom. I've got good experience so far with QY kits as I've enjoyed building 0, God, and Alex. Now, onto the most popular, and probably the oldest manufactured / engineered out of the bunch, the Wing Zero Custom holds the dearest memories where and how I started GunPla. The Wing series introduced GUNDAM globally. It was the first Gundam that was aired throughout the world. Most (people at my age and lived outside of Japan) would be most fond of the Wing series as it remains to be their pivotal series that got us into GunPla.

Anyway, onto my review..

Forgot to take pictures of the runners, but anyway, the usual problem - head. Issue 01: Cut off the male connectors in the head and apply glue thinly.

Issue 02: Arms too have fitting issues, gently shave the male connectors to be able to fit the arm pieces together.

Issue 03: Fitting issues again with the skirt armor, shave the male connectors to fit.

...And this too..

Issue 04: This is where it got ugly. The part that holds the wings are too fragile. Gently shave the male connectors and make sure (I can't stress this enough) that before fitting it into the the piece, you have assembled ALL the  prerequisites. Disassembling this part would cut off the male connectors entirely because of its fragility. The male connectors of this part is essential for manipulating and posing the wings. I have mine glued so I hope this lesson would prevent you from this mess :(

Issue 05: Body armor has fitting issues too. You know the drill :p

This is by far my most stressful SD to boot. I could have prevented the wing clusterfuck but hey, I hope my failures would prevent others from doing the same mistake. That ends the cures, here's Wing Zero Custom in his custom paint job!

Notice his metallic blue gave Wing Zero Custom a "His Highness" treatment. It really complemented the yellow parts which I painted gold. I really love how it turned out! :D

His wings looks sexy



To be honest, I think Wing Zero got envious of D-Hell

Just like the SD God Gundam, it was engineered to do its signature pose.
Heero: Yokai.

But, but!! Relena's here!!!!
Heero: To hell with her! I'm GAY! -- JK XD

Ooops. You know you're dead. 99.9% accuracy. Hisatsu!!

I wish Heero was more assertive and less passive when Wufei has gone berserk. Typical Sunrise not giving the fans a badass final action scene. Noticed that in most of their movies. EW, and now 00 Awakening of the Trailblazer -- all lead characters were passive and not used their MS's full potential. Only in CCA where I saw Amuro pawning Char with his Nu Gundam but still, the action sequence was lacking. I blurted WTF when both Char and Amuro got off their Mobile Suits. WTF! Sorry for the spoilers :p


This IS Wing Zero Custom :p
The iconic dual buster rifle

Assembling the wings was a pain T_T
Arms are loose - the connector is too shallow to get a firm grip
SD engineering belongs to the "no knees" old bunch

That sums it up. Hopefully if I get my free time, I can start off with my next MG project. I'm still torn ripping my funds with a legit BANDAI because I've been saving up for PS Vita. But anyways, BANDAI kits for me are a bit out of reach and as much as I want to support the legit, I can't :(
Now that I've finished and reviewed all my backlogs - prepare to meet TT Hongli MG Sinanju. Stay tuned for the WIP, assembly cure, and review!

Sunday, August 28, 2011

QY SD RX-78 NT-1 Alex Gundam - Mini WIP, Assembly Cure and Review

On a fast pace since acquiring my trusty Lumix. Feels great sharing my works again. Not much to say as I've just finished my review of God Gundam.

Starting off with the usual, 4 runners along with the polycaps. This'll be quick hihi...

Issue 01: The usual: Expect QY's head to have problems. Shave or cut the male connectors then glue.

Painted some minor details on the skirt with a Gundam Marker Gold and Black.

Yay! No more assembly cures the rest of the way! Awesome!



Back pack (weeeeee~ feels great moving so fast with a bootleg)


Ass thrusters lol

There you go! After a bunch of cures for God Gundam, assembling Alex was a breeze.

No panel lines



For tpc'ers, yep, it's me. CHEV31 :p


Box art

Dual guns!! Pew pew pew pew pew!!!



Full Armor CHEV Alex

Armor in Mobile Armor mode

Oh yeah!

Issue? What issue? Haha this kit assembled like a charm. Only the head needs attention.
Build is sturdy
Cool gimicks (Armor)

Alex sticker in shield sucks (nitpick)

That's about it! QY's Alex Gundam was a treat to assemble. Sole problem was the head and is pretty easy to fix. What made this kit special is its armor and it can transform into a rider (mobile armor) mode. Got lazy posing Alex riding the armor hahaha but it looks good in the shelf now. Next up is Jargon's SD Unicorn. Stay tuned :)