Saturday, September 29, 2012

Bandai RG Aile Strike - Review

The day has come to review my most adored kit! The first time I saw Aile Strike, I just knew its mech design is very special. Having the RG treatment really kicked off the old MG in terms of articulation and detail. Let's have a look at Strike and his cool equipment!

Yes! Yes! YES! Aggressive curves, sharp angles, and a mean looking head. Zaft should be afraid. Be very very afraid!

Add an aggressive looking booster pack to an already aggressive looking Mobile Suit and you get a masterpiece design! It's so...... AGGRESSIVE!


Reanimating Strike's first action. A punch to a puny Ginn!

PG? No. RG!

Schneider really bumps up the agility of Strike. My weapon of choice.

...YEAH! O_O

Signature pose

My favorite shot from my photo session

Pew pew pew

Sword GET-O!


Ore wa Gundam! (Whoops wrong series..)

Overlord. Prepare to meet your maker.

Who wouldn't fall for this design? This kit is a looker!
A lot more solid than my previous RG's (fingers does NOT pop out of its palm)

A couple of popping parts here and there when you fiddle it around too much.
Careful when twisting the body's core when posing. Fitted too snugly.
No matter how I put the Schneider in his pockets, it just won't budge
Back heavy

From the early RG's to this guy, it seemed that Bandai heard the fans about how fragile the pieces were. Good thing they have improved a lot for a short period of time. Mk-II also looks to be another improvement on the solidity and from what I saw, I believe they have separate trigger hands for holding the gun. With this kit however, there are still remnants showing how an RG being an RG. Fragile. But again, this kit is a lot more solid and didn't gave me a lot of pain during the photoshoot.

Assembling this kit was a treat. Seeing how it turned out, the execution, the design, and the overall sleekness Strike left the impression and got my brother into buying his own GunPla. This is by far my most recommended RG kit to date!

I have mentioned that this IS the best lead Gundam EVAR! LOL, Bandai with the snap of fate, reminded me how Zeta turned the world around being the first lead without the face vents. Next RG will be Zeta and I am quite sure It'll be the next purchase! Hmm, both are great but I'd lean in towards the Strike because of how it stayed true to pay tribute with the original but can still stand on its own as a new generation lead.

Wednesday, September 26, 2012

Bandai RG Aile Strike - WIP 03

Funky weather delayed my progress yet again. Ran out of top coat when I was about to put the finishing touch on the Aile pack. Worry not!

Aile pack assembly was surprisingly easy. Looking at it gave an impression that the pack is complex and assembly will be daunting. Looks can sure be deceiving >:)

With that out of the way, all that's left are the stickers! Still awed by the Aile Strike pack's design.

.....And we're done!

I have lost internet connection for a couple of days. I thought it did good (in the name of GunPla) as boredom gave me the urge to do something. Oh, and PLDT MyDSL customer support hotline sucks. They put customers on hold for more than 30mins! Assembled parts for the pack while waiting lol. And it didn't happen only once, twice, or thrice mind you! Called them at least twice a day for 5 days! /rantover *sigh*

Glad I'm back online! Watch out for the review soon. Cheers!


Saturday, September 22, 2012

Bandai RG Aile Strike - WIP 02

A great month of GunPla for September! A few hiccups with the progress because of bad weather (had frosting while top coating *bummer*) but hey, I am doing quite well and faster than my previous makes haha!

Just a quick overview on what's done:

Redid the body because of the awful frosting issue. Still has slight frosting but meh...

Back reminds me of AGE 1's (just without the spoiler)

Looking sexy now

Fucked up the hand connector on the rifle. Hope it could still hold for the photoshoot :(

Doesn't this remind you of the Evangelion shield too? BTW, didn't bother getting the waterslide decals. With my current laziness doing so would further slow my "fast" progress. LOL. Besides, the clear stickers are acceptable.

Loving the shiny effect of the foil stickers

Unit / weapons DONE!

Done applying the stickers for the unit and shield too AND already started with the Aile Striker pack (whoo on a roll!). Wow, this must be the best looking first gen lead Gundam to date IMO. Hope I can get my hands on a flat coat now. Weather looks fine outside it's a shame I can't continue. Really enjoying the RG Aile Strike build. Despite being unfinished, I highly recommend this kit. Just look at how awesome this guy looks even without the sticker details!

Tuesday, September 11, 2012

Bandai RG Aile Strike - WIP 01 (sort of)

Package arrived from my cousin (a fellow collector too!). I can only imagine how he is blessed with all the GunPla junk for cheap. Ooohh I sure do want to work in Japan! Got this baby for 1820 yen, about 950 bucks in php!!


Runners and manual (forgot to include at least one or two runners)

And from the photo above you can see I have already completed the feet. Hihihi!

Tried panel washing BEFORE cutting the pieces out of the runners. Seems more effective and easier to clean as opposed to sanded parts. Sanded parts will have a rough surface which would make the paint stick even with thinner applied. A bit easier to manage with a smooth surface. Still leaning on using my Gundam Real Touch marker on most (and probably the remaining areas). I find applying GM RT to be much cleaner and manageable too.

Sucks to have a terrible weather. I was planning on building the legs too but can't proceed. If you'll look closely on the feet, there is a slight frosting :(