Monday, January 30, 2012

GFP 1/144 Challenge 2011

I thank the GFP 1/144 sponsors and organizers for giving this opportunity to showcase the talents of our beloved GFP community! Hats off to you guys!

A bit late on the update (but here goes):

Quite happy I was a 5th placer along with a bunch of awesome entries, I am proud to have made it that far!

My humble entry - 00 Raiser Liminality

And a cool badge to top it all!

Plus the prize which was an icing on the cake. SWEET :)

That's me the Crimson Comet (Chini Toys) standing (I mean sitting) mighty and proud with the prizes

Here are the entries of GFP. Grats to all!

Champion - Acoy Delgado
First Place - Rafael Santos
Second Place - Gladwin Tan
Third Place - Carl Yu
Fourth Place - Richard Laranang

Miguel Candelaria
Michael Hontucan
Angelo Vilog
Emmanuel Moran
Michael Roberto
Jiddih Mendoza
Jamil Rivera
Kelvin Modina
Frank Moratillo
Ivan Turqueza
Maxelle Lampa
Reynald Dilao
Dave Dela Cruz
Raymon Delos Santos
Jethro Margiza

Whew! A bunch of awesome entries! I'm sure the competition was as stiff and as close by a hair strand. Again, thanks to the guys who made this possible, to the honest judges, and to my fellow participants who sweat blood and tears and put their efforts and hearts to the fullest. Cheers guys! GFP ROCKS \m/

GFP entries here > CLICK ME!

Wednesday, January 25, 2012

Bandai SD Zeta Karaba Assault - Review

Got up and finished my "Masking Level Up" project! A bit delayed because I got stuck finding the right paint stripper since I cluster-fucked the wing binders (present in WIP 02). Thanks and props to Kent of GFP for helping me out. Cheers! Now onto the review...

Oh boy, the Karaba Assault color scheme breathed new life to the already sexy design of Zeta (one of my most adored MS designs). The usual, a 360 view of the kit

A good tap on the back for a job well done etching the Amuro 'A' insignia on Zeta's left shoulder.
Level up +1

I really fell in love with the stripes of Zeta KA

Zeta's armaments. Had a little bit fun too with the beam saber. Two-tone painting success!
Level up +2

Action sequence - commence!

Pew pew pew!

Though articulation is limited (which is a given for an SD kit), I am a bit surprised how well this guy is as agile and yet as solid while being complicated the Zeta's transformable design come. There are a lot (and I mean A TON) of movable parts for an SD of its era release.


Waverider mode - Transforming the kit while following the manual without being able to read Jap is a bit tricky. User's manual came a long way though as the newer kits are more comprehensive and understandable with its approach compared to the manual of old.

Pop off the head, shield, and front skirt.

And with a few twists and magic turns - and a slight headache wanting and forcing to understand the manual, I was able to pull the waverider mode off!

Awesome how the Hyper Mega Launcher acted as a stand. Good job on the engineering of this kit!

Angry bird's eye view (lol)

Pretty solid for a transformable unit
Design (I mean who doesn't love Zeta?)
Can turn into its waverider mode

Instructions for transforming the kit requires Asian Level mastery (lol, teeny weeny nitpick)

I was not able to clean out dirt on some parts from panel lining. I wish it was a bit darker too, I am still yet to master the art of the wash technique. Some lines are too subtle to even notice. I will surely finish detailing this kit when I have the funds to try lining it with a mechanical pencil (a fellow GFP has suggested).

Things that I enjoy most with this hobby is the journey of learning something, being free, and creative at the same time. For this project, I really enjoyed masking (which I curse so much before) -- which was made a little bit easier by the Tamiya Masking Tape VS the generic ones. Quite honestly I still hate it but seeing how the effort pays off with this kit, you can really tell it sure is HELL WORTH IT!

Ever since I joined that GFP 1/144 challenge something struck me to do better as I progress. From doing an unconventional color scheme to creating my own stripes, it was FUN! Sure, time (and of course money haha!) has not been cooperating with my GunPla hobby but again, I learned as I progressed to enjoy every moment, take my time and move at my own pace - without feeling any pressure.

Never settle on your comfort zone. PUSH! Ciao~

Wednesday, January 11, 2012

Bandai SD Zeta Karaba Assault - WIP 02

A quick update on my Karaba Assault custom paint job on my SD Zeta. I was 98% done when disaster struck.

Seems that TOA primer didn't stick well on the surface. Sucks big time as I sang hymns and praises with how effective and good the nozzle was. :(
Masked some pieces (v-fin, shield, and cockpit hatch) too with the Bosny primer (when it was still useable -- if you remember my debacle with my 00 Raiser) but never had a ripped paint on those.
No doubt I'd redo the wings looking at how bad the gentle Tamiya Masking Tape cluster-fucked the paint. So off to the shop to get a paint stripper. *sigh*
A top coat would've protected the sensitive surface. Oh darn...

Well, whatever. Zeta is looking good (and tasty lol) with the Karaba Assault scheme. I say experiment success! Masking jutsu LEVEL UP!

I'd still get TOA paints no doubt. The white used looks so good and shiny. This is a better alternative for those who are looking to achieve a gloss than the mediocre Bosny White. Primer though is another story.

I was a shattered as I was excited to add the finishing touches when I get home from work. To my dismay when I was taking off the tape I saw this hideous chunk of ripped paint. Experiencing this kind of duds adds another do's and don'ts on my list (I'm Mr. Brightside!). Project ETF will be 2 weeks at least on a good week. Stay tuned :)

Friday, January 6, 2012

Bandai SD Zeta Karaba Assault - WIP 01

Coming from a competition really fired my GN Drives up! I am now onto my 1st WIP of 2012, SD Zeta!

This 2-pack kit was actually bought before I even knew about the GFP competition. But G-SHOT and the 1/144 Challenge came along and the fun and excitement was too hard to pass up!

I initially thought of doing Zeta in its accurate colors. Watching Gundam AGE really blew me and I fell in love with white MS's particularly seeing how the G-EXES pawns the UE. Right then and there I decided to try something different, something that I've never tried before (well, sort of).

BTW, if you've never encountered the Zeta Karaba Assault it sorta looks like this ~

It is a limited edition color scheme of the MG Zeta V2. The Karaba Assault was piloted by the White Unicorn AKA Amuro Ray. (Photo above is NOT mine. Thank you GundamPH for the reference. Visit his site too. There are a lot of GunPla, mech, and other anime-related cool stuff there to see)

Upon straight building this dude, I proceeded immediately with painting to plan where to put the Karaba Assault stripes.

I haven't tried to do my own custom design colorization. I always follow the scheme on which I do my custom paint (IE. blue > red, yellow > gold, etc..). This is the first time I'll be trying to jam in some stripes here and there, add a couple of details, and hopefully level up on my masking skills *shudder* (I know I am not the only one that hates masking.)

I used the ever so trusty Bosny Spray Cans for my paint. The pink I used was Rose Pink. It looks so sweet and creamy! Crap, I'm craving for a strawberry sundae XD

"Etching" Amuro's insignia on his left shoulder was almost impossible with the normal masking tape..

Going with a normal masking tape proves to be too sticky to etch something cleanly out of it. The secret? Tamiya Masking Tape! Yeah, I thought it was gimmicky sporting it as a "hobby" merchandise. Tamiya Masking Tape didn't have that same viscosity as the normal ones which is great for this kind of job. Also, it's gentle on the paint which sometimes the normal masking tape rips off when masking (Oooohhh, the horror!). All the hobby items that I see in shops at first for me are "overpriced". I was wrong. But still, I think there is a cheaper equivalent of this kind of tape on stores. Knowing full well that this is a TAMIYA brand assures me that the quality is tip-top.

Progress so far

Head, arms, and body are done. All that's left are the right foot, flaps, wepaons, and of course, panel lining. I am very happy with the scheme I chose. I can't wait to finish this dude and sum up all the back logs! Haha! Wait for me HG Zeta and ZZ!!!!

Thank God I am holding my wallet for not buying impulsively. I promised myself not to buy any kit (err, unless it really is a steal!). There's still a couple of back logs left, the SD Nu and... *drumroll* a surprise. Stay tuned!