Friday, December 30, 2011

Bandai HG 00 Raiser Condenser Type - WIP 04

My journey to GFP 1/144 Challenge is almost over (actually it is) and this is the last entry for my WIP on my entry. Building a kit along with friends are much fun than assembling for the sake of "collecting". Don't get me wrong though, I enjoy whatever reason (or the lack of) modelling these kits.

A quick stop on how I achieved painting the clear parts:

Tamiya Enamel Paints work wonders. I don't know how it achieves the "clear" effect but it looks GREAT!

Do take note on the importance of using a thinner. You do NOT want the brush strokes to be visible on the surface do you? (Newbness still struck and I did apply a little bit thick on some pieces - lesson learned)

....Aaaand a little bit of masking

Finally done with the kit. Overall I am VERY VERY satisfied with my work. A few imperfections here and there but my GFP brothers' appreciation made all the hard work worth it. I am glad to have joined the competition as I've learned a few tricks and did achieve the very essence of joining the competition (as the master Zen said) - "'s the journey that counts. The Prizes at the end of the journey are just bonuses. ^_^". And I did have one heck of a journey. Learning a thing or two from a new experience and from others' WIP and pretty much enjoying every second of building while trying out new things - I've already felt that I won. Thanks guys for having the opportunity to have fun and learn at the same time. Cheers!

Monday, December 19, 2011

Bandai HG 00 Raiser Condenser Type - WIP 03

3rd post and December is almost over. Other priorities, work, and a whole bunch of stuff just kept on getting in the way of at least pursuing the hobby ever since I was a child. Quitting the hobby inevitably looms on my mind BUT by simply looking at the "incomplete" collection sparks a light to give my GunPla blood a little rush. It's a bit depressing, really, to have the mere thought of leaving.

With that out of my chest and my future as a collector and a modeler is in jeopardy, grasping whatever what's left on my back log and taking responsibility to the GFP 1/144 HG challenge, I present -- 00 Raiser Ver. CH! This is a WIP follow up from my straight build entry at G-SHOT. Obviously I used the same kit. :p

The ever so reliable Bosny Spray Cans! Flourescent Flat White as white FTW!

Chest complete - looking sharp!

I've decided to try something different with the eyes instead of the usual GREEN or RED, I chose bronze

Legs are looking good too thanks to the Flourescent Flat White

Arms done


Putting the arms and body together

Progress has been good this past week. I was able to complete the whole 00 Gundam and already started the wing binders and the GN Drives (for this, I will use the drives instead of the condensers). I forgot to take photos of the head but I am loving how it turned out! Fingers-crossed as I hope I can finish it all this week.

I must be pressuring myself comparing my progress from when I was just getting rebooted in the hobby. I was locked on painting, purchasing whatever, and building non-stop. I think I should just take my time and move at my own pace with all this. Upon writing this blog entry, I just realized that. What's clear though is that I'll be building it straight (no paint method) from here on out (as soon as I finish the paint projects - 2 SD kits and this). Cheers and happy holidays!

Wednesday, December 7, 2011

Bandai HG 00 Raiser Condenser Type - WIP 02

Done snap-fitting the kit. I've already sent my entry to G-SHOT and hopefully win :)
...Or not. The competition served as a much needed motivation to do well with pretty much everything. From carefully cutting each piece from the runners to cleaning the nub marks with precision, all is well and good for a straight build.

Picking where I left off - the GN Condensers in which the 00 Raiser in the movie Awakening of The Trailblazer is equipped instead of GN Drives. Watch the movie if you want to know why :p

Fitting it to the 00 Gundam was solid

Ah yes, my favorite weapon of the Exia / 00 is its arm blade - the GN Sword III

Here's with the effect part attached

Ugliest weapons I've seen in a lead Gundam - 00 SPATULAS!

0 Raiser

 Completely forgot to take WIP photos of its wings so..... 00 Raiser COMPLETE!

That's it. Everything is rock solid except for the shield binders attached to the wings of the 0 Raiser. It's not that bad though since it fits fine. I just wish it would have that "pachink" sound when clipped.

Overall, I really love the design and has been planning to get a hold of its MG. It is one of my favorite designs and has that GUNDAM (Ore wa.....) look and feel to it. This is (for me anyways) a Gundam! Ne, Setsuna?

Review would be postponed since this kit has a few visible nub marks. G-SHOT forbids to apply top coat in the straight build cat so this is still incomplete (for my standards anyways). This will also be my entry in the friendly HG 1/144 build off with my Gundam Fans na Pinoy (GFP) brothers. Will commence painting as soon as I've bought the necessary spray cans. Ran out of primer and white which sucks big time. I hope I can finish everything before new year so I can have a fresh start at 2012! SD Zeta please hold on for a little bit longer >.< 
Oh, and good luck to my fellow GunPla meisters with their builds! I saw a couple of monster mod in the works and I have been enjoying my time looking their WIP's (which obviously diminishes my chances of winning bwahahaha). Have fun everyone!

~Happy holidays

Friday, December 2, 2011

Bandai RG RX-78-2 Gundam - Review

The much anticipated (and delayed) review of my RG RX-78-2! I broke the chest piece when I was applying some finishing touches on the kit. Crap it was a nightmare! When the piece snapped into two I couldn't hold back and yelled NOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOO!!!!!!! That serves another lesson for me. Never EVER force yourself into working with half-assed consciousness. Weeks came by and I was able to get in touch with someone who has a spare RG RX-78-2 kit. Viola, my kit is RESTORED!

Onto the review, here's the RX-78-2 in its Real Grade Excitement Embodied glory

Ah, the Real Grade. Stressing color separation. The attention given to the details of RG kits is just plain awesome! The different shades of white, red, and blue is fantastic.

Showing off some articulation here, kneeling poses are a bit better than the RG Char Zaku. Goes to show that top notch engineering with a mini-skirt design Gundam works!

That's Amuro by the way :p
Will paint that figure when I get some free time.

Core Fighter
I'm not going to be redundant that the Core Fighter can actually fit into his body. It's amazing.

Amuro and his RX's

Very articulate (except it gave me headaches because of the falling parts)

RG RX-78-2 is so articulate that it can do Britney Spears splits!

Gundam with his full arsenal. Ooohh, I love the added functionality of the shield where you can store his beam rifle and two beam sabers (hilts)

Aside from being able to do the Britney splits, RX-78-2 knows WING CHUN!

Rivalry photos for the soul :p

Color Separation
EVERYTHING concerning the looks is PERFECT!

This is where it gets fugly -- though articulation is great, falling parts are a pain in the ass!
What I had major problems is that the fingers keeps popping off. Applied remedy on every popping / falling piece except for the hands which still persisted on falling apart despite the remedy application.
Pegs on the weapons does NOT fit the hands snuggly. I don't know if this an isolated case with my kit but it is a major annoyance unable to hold the beam saber, hyper bazooka, and beam rifle securely (yes all of the weapons does NOT fit)

This IS by far the most annoying kit to pose. Sadly, with everything going perfect in the looks department, the execution of its features fails miserably. Don't be fooled with the chunk of cons though. It's still one of my greatest and meanest looking kits in my collection and with the aura it gives off, it essentially stands out from everybody! Being the "guinea pig" (pardon for my term) as the first kit to get released on the new Real Grade line merchandise, it still is worth it. The progress in the RG line is amazing. My RG Char Zaku already feels a lot more solid than this kit which is just the second release. I am expecting that this is the worst of all RG's and have been hearing good things for the RG Freedom. The horrible (a bit exaggerated) exeperience would certainly not hold me back from getting another RG -- and has been planning to get the RG Aile Strike next, which too, seeing from other reviewers, is a huge step up minimizing the RG flaws. Bottomline? I say get this kit! I mean why not? Sacrificing a bit of its functionality to pave way and up its overall design really was a hit or miss gamble on Bandai's part. I like it and this kit I can say is one of those that is made solely to look good. I guess it's the GunPla gods way of telling no kit is perfect, not even Amuro's MS (lol). Just don't expect this to be as solid as every GunPla that was created post 2008's. I'm stressing despite its flaws, it still worth every cent. Cheers! :D

Amuro: CHAR! Where the fu** are you!? Let's finish this One Year War that seems forever, OVER!
*New Type Flash*
I feel GunPlasmic good... What the...?!

Char: You blabber too much on the battlefield AMURO!!!
Pew pew pew pew pew pew pew!

Ughhh! CHAAAAAAR!!! Chikusyo!!

This is the end! AMUUUROOOOO!!!

Heat Hawk A-a-ataaaaaack!!

Too slow Char! これ食べて
Ohhw Shi..... O_____O


Amuro you bastard!

Beam saber get! Reasoning with you is pointless...

I will end this. Right here. Right now!



...Did I get him?


Bwahahaha! I got him! I got you, you stinking newtype!

And that's what you get for touching Sayla! BWAHAHAHA!! I GOT YOU I GOT YOU I GOT YOU!!! LALALALA!!! *trollface*

Oh, I'm not quite sure about that Char >:O

何が...!? Uwwahhh!!!

CHANSU! Char, with this left hand I will crush you and your evil plot. ...Uh, as I've said, I'll end this OYW RIGHT HERE, RIGHT NOOOOOOW! (Franky voice) AWWWW!



Oooooohhhfff!! Amu.....

...And more of THIS! Who's your daddy now CHAR!? ლ(ºДºლ) 

....Rooooo!! Ouuuuuch...


That's it! I'm the RED COMET because of something! FINAL ATTACK! Commence!



So you think you're the only one? RIDER A-A-A-Amuro......!!!


And so the One Year War continues...