Wednesday, February 29, 2012

Bandai SD RX-93 Nu Gundam V2 - WIP 02

Hohoho!! It's not every day, heck, it's not every YEAR you get to post on February 29! Not much progress with the Nu since I ran out of clear primer and grey primer. Sucks because I was in the mood and 6th gear today to actually do some damage :(

Anyway, the Nu unit is complete. I was about to paint the funnels and weapons but yeah, primer has been depleted.

Preppin to paint the fin funnels (pardon for the messy room)

Some of the weapons. I actually forgot the sword for this batch

Detailed using Gundam Markers for touch ups and panel-lined the Nu using a 0.3 mechanical pencil. Works wonders. The effect is just what I wanted. Thin, faint, and clean :)

Unit complete!~

I have been constantly experimenting on different techniques on how to put up model kits. For the past builds I have been flirting with glossy finishes and surprised to say I find it awesome. Still, my preferred finish is matte, but the gloss right now just looks as good. I guess depending on the mood I'm in or on the color scheme. Hopefully next time if opportunity and time permits, I'll get to try out pastel color schemes.

This is what's keeping me alive and healthy without quitting the habit.
Current setup:
Ego-PT 4.2v
801 LR atomizer (atty)
Watermelon juice 18mg nic

The 801 LR atty is a charm. It produces a warm a tasty vapor! Watermelon overload!

Monday, February 27, 2012

Bandai SD RX-93 Nu Gundam V2 - WIP 01

Well, just so you know I am alive and well. I almost missed the entire Feb without posting :(
Shit happens and a lot of stuff going on at work but nevertheless, I still find time to satisfy my GunPla crave haha! Actually it is just now that I found a spare time to actually finish my 3-month pending backlog. And in case you noticed why am I posting another SD Nu? Did I cheat? Is this post a re-post? You lazy bastard!

Calm down. No this isn't a re-post or a cheat just so I can cram something for the month of Feb. And just in case too you haven't noticed the V2 on the title then your eyes need glasses :p

Onto the WIP (uhm... well not really)

Err, that's it. Yes a couple of photos for the month of Feb! Yay! Everything's going smoothly though, I expect to finish everything by next week. By everything I meant the Nu. The HWS pack can wait. I just ran out of black paint which sucks so that's that. Good thing the Nu is almost done and I won't be needing black (from the spray paint can at least).

So.... It's good to be back! Cheers :)