Thursday, February 26, 2015

Bandai RG Wing Gundam Zero EW - Review

A trip down memory lane...
The Wing series started the Gundam/GunPla craze for boys of my generation. This kit, even unassembled, holds bias to my heart. Even with my anticipation for the RG flaws, I know this will be a monumental experience. Ahhh the uncontrollable tension building... I present: Wing Gundam Zero EW!



No polycaps! Yay!

Oh dear.... Beautiful!


Pew pew!

Target locked

99.99% accuracy!

Sword GET

I'm surprised it can do a kneeling pose with no problems

Atmospheric entry: Operation Meteor commence

Pew pew pew

Beam spam turn - RIP grunt units...

Ore wa GUNDAM!

Finally! An RG inner frame that works!
Cool wings

Bit too simple for an RG

Props to Bandai for pulling off this icon! Solidity is the surprise here with the enforced arms connection feel sturdy. It's a new design (at least from my collection) in which the connection is "tubed" instead of a ball joint clipped without any support under to resist the heavy load falling (quite miserably) to gravity after a slight play through. I played a lot with the heavy guns and I haven't experienced deterioration of joints unlike my Strike Freedom and Destiny. Knee caps should be glued as they pop off very easily. Wings gimmick is great!

Now, if they can release and RG Tallgeese III or D-Hell to pair this bad boy with.