Sunday, October 28, 2012

Revoltech Yamaguchi Himura Kenshin - Review

It's probably figure month day for October 2012! Another awesome piece from Revoltech Yamaguchi that rekindles the inner child in me. Samurai X. One of the classics that has stood the test of time and is considered to be one of the monumental gears (along with some greats during its time; aaahh good times the late 90's) in introducing Japanimation to the world. Without further adieu, meet and greet Mr. Himura.


Chill ヾ(⌐■_■)ノ♪

...Shit just got serious

0.8765925sec Iaido!!!!!

Still fresh from my boy mind how I pee'd my pants when Kenshin pulled of the spinning Hitten Mitsurugi 
ಠ_ಠ holy mother of..... #&*%@!
Hitten Mitsurugi style: "They see me rollin'!"

Blam! And they see you flyin'

Superb details

Legs seem a bit loose
"Limited" articulation

Revoltech Yamaguchi's figures seeing and feeling two of them, continues the trend with its top notch attention to detail. Everything is just well put and staring at Vash and/or Kenshin takes my breath away. One of the concerns though is its legs. I can feel it getting loose over time especially if you plan to play with it a lot for whatever reason. Another thing is the "flying" kimono on shoulder and elbow is placed awkwardly and non-revol jointed knee and groin is a bummer but that's just has to be a design issue. All in all a solid product with a couple of nitpicks here and there.


Saturday, October 27, 2012

Revoltech Yamaguchi Vash the Stampede - Review

Accustomed to kits, this was a bit of a surprise. Falling in love with the Robot Damashii series is another story though. This stands apart from the collection as my first human figure. Not really mine but my bro's. After seeing and fiddling with the real deal, all my skepticism towards liking a non-mecha figure hit and slapped both of my cheeks hard and red. Revoltech's Vash is a-a-a-awesome!

360 view

Ah! Vash - what I remember from my childhood memories. Perfect!

Here comes the stampede

Cool! Another signature pose that R.Y. was able to pull off! (I wasn't able to pull off the pose entirely lol.)


Wish I had a dio :(

Pew pew bratatatataaaa pew pew pew!!!
(RX-78-2: Boy careful where you aim at!)

Details are PERFECT
Accessories + stand

Trench coat's joints are a bit soft but manageable

The details that was put onto this masterpiece is tops! I can't see any chips or excess paint. Overall looks from face, hand gestures, feet, and accessories pretty much nailed the coffin. If there's a Vash figure that a fan deserves, THIS is the one to get. I can't really say anything bad about this fig but the joints on his coat. It can stand but was a bit soft. I wish I was able to take more photos but my eyes are failing me and began to feel sticky @_@. I can't wait to see how R.Y. Battousai would stand versus this guy but I'm guessing it won't dissapoint. Vash DID set the bar so high so I'm expecting another marvel :D

Revoltech joints to be honest takes a little bit time to get used to (still haven't got the hang of it). Working with a flipping double ball joint (Revol joint) is weird at first but most say that it does NOT degrade. Trade off is good if that is the case. Only time and experience will tell. It does feel fragile too.

Been quiet lately but all is good. September has been a great GunPla run and I assure that there's another surprise that would kick off just before the year ends. *cough* GFP 1/144 challenge *cough*...
Now, off to my secret GunPla garden tee-hee..... (っ˘ڡ˘ς)