Monday, March 26, 2012

Bandai HG Wing Zero TV - WIP 01

I have been enslaved by my laziness to complete my SD Nu. The poor thing has been in the closet for months. Good thing, a friend asked me to paint his old  HG 1/100 Wing Zero. Ah, I have been a fan of the unit ever since. Itching from my Robot Damashii Wing Zero (please do take note that this is the TV version and not the OVA Katoki) which is 2 months away from now, I have accepted his favor and surely it brought my GunPla fires back up! And to totally pave way into buying paints that my Nu Gundam desperately needs (black). So I rushed to the market to buy some paints but damn, I forgot the black but has purchased every paint the WZ needs. So the SD Nu will again, wait for another day (hopefully not months, heck, NOT a year!). Without further adieu, Wing Zero PAINT IKIMASU!!

Started off with the shield which for me looks like it is the most PITA piece to paint

Painted the clear piece TAMIYA clear green to add a bit more depth to its greenyness lol

My favorite piece to paint as usual, coloring the eyes (used metallic green for eyes and forehead cam; enamel black for the eye outline)

Well, not a WIP but here's some to indulge yourself on what it was before painting

I was not able to take photos of the shield but it's now red. Masking wasn't as smooth but still cleanly put. Head is also in the works and is on the pan. Hopefully I can do more progress tomorrow. Currently scraping off the nub marks and cleaning the left arm. Stay tuned for more WIP of this classical model :)

Tuesday, March 13, 2012

Bandai RD Victory Gundam - Review

Still haven't found the "strength" to finish my SD Nu :(
Time has not been on my side for a while now and buying off spray cans in malls just feels they are ripping me off. I usually buy my paints for less than half the price at Divisoria so.... Captain Thrifty has been keeping my wallet in tact lol.

You might notice in the title "RD"? Yes I did it. Straying away from model kits because of my laziness, I mean my pitiful state that I have no and not able to paint, I came across this Robot Damashii (RD) figure which came on sale. I was able to snag this baby for 1.5k bucks which originally costs 2-2.5k.

Quite honestly, I have been eyeing the Robot Damashii figures for some time now because it is a figure - which means it is as solid (hopefully...) as a rock, and the articulation's range is vast which I saw from reviews and promo pictures.

Off with the usual - front, side, and back, +box

The package is compact and simple for Victory

There are boosters hidden on his back, ass, and calf

Side by side comparison with his HG 1/100 counterpart. The details, gimmicks, and articulation are obviously a ton better for the RD figure. The HG 1/100 falls but can still stand on its own despite being made way back in 1993.

Showing off its articulation. I am happy how the feet has that rubbery feel which makes it stand on one foot with no problems.

Everything inside the box - An extra v-fin, rifle, beam saber hilt, beam saber blade and fan, closed fists, open hands, and hands that can hold the weapons.

The Victory Gundam for me is gorgeous! It's as simple as it gets just like his great, great, great grand father - RX-78-2. I love how the curves felt sleek and modern compared to the blocky RX-78-2.

The must-haves for UC lead gundams - a beam rifle and a shield. Shooting down Zeon forces since 0079!!


...Or, I know karate!


Come and get it

Very (VERY VERY) articulate

His back pack tend to fall off from time to time. It was manageable though
A couple of paint smudges here and there, but again, acceptable

The figure is so articulate while being solid which is surprising (coming off of kits in which you sacrifice the solidity to get more articulation or vice versa). This is my first Robot Damashii / Robot Spirits and glad to say this won't be my last! Everything has been a great experience toying with it. The photoshoot was a breeze with less worries from popping pieces. A slight nitpick though for these figures is its price. Price can get a bit steep for some figures. It can cost as much as its MG counterpart or a few hundred bucks more but you get what you pay for. Some model kits (HG and MG's) has been outdated already (a prime example is the model being reviewed - Victory Gundam) and the RD, at least for me has been that savior of releasing well articulated, slightly redesigned (most look slimmer) mechs. If you're as lazy, I mean, as unfortunate as I am where time is your worst enemy, the RD line offers loveable figures that lasts a desireable impression and satisfaction you get from model kits.