Tuesday, September 27, 2011

TT Hongli HG 1/144 Throne Eins - Review

Summing up my Throne Eins WIP, here's the review of the kit :)

Front view



With his backpack beam weapon. Humongous beam rifle you got there Eins!

Few silly poses. Can't get much emotion with this Throne Eins because his only pair of hands are the closed fists. He's mad >:(

Now he's really REALLY MAD D:<


Can't get much articulation / poses out of this guy

Box art and his coolest pose! Setsuna shineeeeeeeee!!!!!!!!!

Ali Al-Saachez. Throne Eins. Exia exterminated. >:D

An almost perfect build for a bootleg. Hmm, come to think of it, I give the assembly a perfect 10/10!
Sturdy. No falling parts.
Gigantic mega particle beam looks badass!

Can't get much posing
Articulation is limited due to design (Probably my nitpick and got too used with the newer models)

I never thought I'd enjoy this much into building a non-preference kit. The design was "meh" at first but as I proceed in building Eins, I slowly appreciated his alien-ish design. If there was a European car counterpart in terms of design in the Gundam-verse, this is it! Haha! This is a must get since I had 2 minor (micro :p) assembly cures and can be done in no more than 5 mins! The build was perfect and I breezed along the body, arms, and legs. Get it while supplies last since this is one of the rarest kit that TT Hongli produced.

TT Hongli HG 1/144 Throne Eins - Assembly Cure

Okay, so let me wrap things up before immersing myself again in the world of the Witcher 2!

Issue 01: A fitting problem with the head's male connector being too thick. Gently shave it off to fit it snuggly into the other piece.

Issue 02: Shave the ball joint that connects the head to the neck. Careful not to shave too much!

That sums up the consolidated fixes for TT Hongli HG Throne Eins. Hope you find this feat in my blog useful! Thanks :)

TT Hongli HG 1/144 Throne Eins - WIP 03

Down to business. I'm in a rush! Playing Witcher 2 yah know! Let's get started!

Feet have no issues. Oh, and the feet has an inner skeleton structure which is pretty neat :)

Feet complete

Crab legs too have no issues. Aaahhh yes the luxury of having no issues with bootlegs. Cool~

Putting them together

Weapons, again, don't need any cures so...

...Cha-ching! Done swiftly :)

Touch-ups applied on the shield to give a little bit of detail and contrast. I love how the ammo looks but I should have painted it metallic silver. Oh well... :p

Putting them all together and we have Eins!!!

Fiddling with it around a bit, I noticed that the head likes to pop off. Fixing that we have -
Issue 02: Shave the ball joint that connects the head to the neck. Careful not to shave too much!

Whew. Two minor cures and that's that! Awesome! All that's left are panel lines and top coating so check out the review afterwards :)

Sunday, September 25, 2011

TT Hongli HG 1/144 Throne Eins - WIP 02

Heads up for the readers: I've sold my devastated HG RX-78-2 30th Ed. BUT I pre-ordered my RG RX-78-2 and RG Char Zaku II (WOOOOT!!!). I hope the 2-3 week waiting could amp my GunPla blood which is on a frenzy lately. I just can't find the kick to put my usual effort into my works :(

I remember my Hi-Nu Gundoom which I put a lot of heart into. Then there's the Exia Ignition Mode which I spent generous amount of my time painting and detailing the dude (which is, by the way, also sold..... WTF was I thinking.... more on this next time T_T)

To put it simply, I can't find the time into GunPla anymore :(
Not that I will leave GunPla, it's just not one of my top priorities right now. I've decided to halt my MG plans for a while and focus on the cheaper but cool 1/144 kits which require less effort than the Master Grades.

I just know deep inside me when I find the passion (and money) to purchase at least one of my MG wishlist - Sinanju, Unicorn, EW's, and Epyon - would bring back my hunger and thirst for more GunPla challenge.

Rambling aside, here's the surprisingly awesome kit WIP part II: Throne Eins

Gun assembly was a breeze and didn't find any issue here

Notice I've painted a couple of parts here. The lower part was spray painted gray and those white touch ups were hand brushed

Arms were also great and no assembly cures are required

Putting all the finished parts

Aaaaaand..... That's about it for now :p
Yeah, I've spent a mere 30 mins for this day to finish those. Assembling this kit is a treat since I only had one assembly cure so far. The rest was a breeze and it snaps and fits pretty nicely. I wish I was a bit faster though, but anyways, at least I am making progress.

Saturday, September 24, 2011

TT Hongli HG 1/144 Throne Eins - WIP 01

Aahh good to be back. The smell of fresh plastic and enamel and acrylic paint sparked me up into building this. I never thought I would enjoy a kit that was not a personal preference. The design slowly grew on me and the colors, really the colors are its finest attribute in my opinion (probably my first brown gundam :p). I am excited in finishing this and move on with Drei.

Never had a problem with the body. I've painted the orb candy violet. Turned out nicely but not as glossy as I've wanted.

Another angle for the body

Painted the eyes

Issue 01: A fitting problem with the head's male connector being too thick. Gently shave it off to fit it snuggly into the other piece.

Finishing the head and my WIP 01

New Haul: TT Hongli Throne Eins & Drei

Wouldn't have purchased this kit if somebody didn't order it from my store. Too bad he didn't purchase it eventually on our deal date so that's a bummer :(

Anyway, since I've been idling too long on my GunPla hobby and this blog, I think I owe you all a review of one of the rarest kit in TT Hongli universe (I meant market :p).

Showing my latest hauls - these are HG kits by TT Hongli. Throne Eins and Throne Drei. Not a fan of this alienated Gundam design but I did check out some reviews and the Eins look pretty tasty and cool!

I've currently started building the Eins and to be honest, I am deeply falling in love with the kit design! Stay tuned for the WIP, Assembly Cures, and review of these kits.

Crimson Comet

Thursday, September 15, 2011

Bandai HG 1/144 RX-78-2 30th Ed. Review

Ahh, yes, the promised "from time to time" review of legit kits. And yes, please do. Support the original maker! Supporting Bandai would definitely increase our chances of getting more kits in the market. That being said, I can't keep purchasing legit. As much as I want to, budget and lifestyle gets in the way of buying legit vs bootleg. Dropping premium cash on legit kits is just not feasible for my means of living :(

Anyway, quite happy that I could snag this baby on sale. Now THAT is an insta-buy for me! We all know Bandai have NO manufacturing defects so this will be a straight review. If I see a need to take note on some assembly guide I would post, but meh, this IS BANDAI :D

First stop, Box

Runners and manual

With that out of the way, assembling Gundam gramps was a breeze (though panel lining this kit was hell!)

You might say, "Heyy the shield is upside down dumbass! Newb!". Placement was intentional. I was inspired with the Gundam Origin ver since he holds the shield the "right" way - realistically speaking.

Simplicity - where less is more. Pretty darn sexy IMO :)

Stand pose with his rifle

DIEEEE!! Pew pew pew pew!!!

Some poses i got from the manual

Fly Gundam fly!

Close up


Sword GET!

See why I said you hold the shield the "right" way

Another manual pose

Time for some fun with Bazooka - my favorite weapon >:D

This is badass!

Target sighted. Amuro Ray, exterminating target!!

Beam saber fun

Design (IMO, simple yet striking)

Beam saber *though you can fit other kits' saber into the hilt on his back

Finally the opportunity to build Amuro's first unit. I am a huge fan of the UC timeline especially Amuro's MS's. It was a treat building the FIRST EVER Gundam and seeing this kit stay true to the original design while having a fresh kick with all those panel lines gave new life to the RX-78-2. Hopefully I can find a dirt cheap Real Grade of RX-78-2 bwahahahaha! That wraps it up! Hit the comments for suggestions on what kit you want reviewed (may it be legit / bootleg). Thanks for reading up to this part! Cheers.