Friday, August 31, 2012

Bandai MG Kamen Rider W Cyclone Joker - WIP 02

I declare August as the great hobby month! I have never posted so frequent in a while. Going in a bit of hiatus seemed to do good for my kit make craving. KR really Rider Kicked my heart to pump more Pla blood. Now, WIP 02 start!

The braces again served to be another pit stop. Slowed my progress down. Painting the etches really was a pain but proved worth it.

Straight forward building the arms


Kam- Rid- Cyc- Jok-

KR W Manananggal Driver!

W's Double Driver

Cyclone Joker Gaia Memories

Legs. Go figure what's missing :p

Rubbery feel on the foot's sole

Last but not the least. Painstakingly hardiest to paint!


Review soon! Already started taking photos. Stay tuned :)

Monday, August 27, 2012

Bandai MG Kamen Rider W Cyclone Joker - WIP 01

Blog is pretty much alive for August! Rocking a new loot for the recent expo trip is an MG Kamen Rider W Cyclone Joker. Haven't seen the series but saw W in action with Dekeido's crossover movies. Now let's proceed with KR W Cyclone! Joker! HEEEENSHIN!

Box size is normal for an MG. Art sports the built kit inside which is new since MG Gundam is drawn. No problems though, it still look kickass awesome!

Runners total are what you expect from a humble MG. KR's a human figure to boot and judging from the manual it is comparable to an HG-ish build.

A bit disappointed with the amount of foil stickers. Painted the shoulder brace with a Gundam Marker (not the best I've done to be honest lol. The lazy boy inside got the best of me).

What keeps me from progressing to another piece is top coating the green parts with gloss. Here showing a trick I picked up from the "Gundam Fans na Pinoy" Facebook group. Hair drying the painted piece immediately after spray painting negates the frosting effect if room temperature is cold.

Another piece that screams to be painted is (are) the brace/s. Hand painted and it was hell but worth it. I sure don't want to use the foil stickers for this. Hand painting LEVEL UP!


Worried about the nasty nub mark at the top :(

Kamen Rider abs lol

Woo-hoo! Nub mark is well placed and it is hidden from view after snapping it in the chest

Panel lined the shoulder guard. Yep, skip the stickers!

No, don't skip the stickers for the eyes. The silver foil sticker would give the eyes that glow definition! Stick to the sticker!

See?! Looking good!!!!

And here's what we have so far ~

Initial thoughts: A bit disappointed with the amount of foil stickers that came along with this kit. For an MG, it is unforgivable! Quality of plastic is what you'd expect from a Bandai kit - top notch! The shiny finish for the green pieces are awesome BUT has prevented me from going flat this time. Gloss would look better, trust me! The black pieces has that mix in between - gloss / matte. Have NOT top coated the black half as I like how it is with that mold. TBC.

Toy Kingdom Toy Expo 2012

Expos have been that fuel to my hobby and this one's no different. Though this targets the younger audience - Gundam, figs, and a plethora of hobby materials are pale or are no where in sight, I still enjoyed the experience! Grats to TK for bringing an event. I just hope your prices would be more reasonable! :p

Here are a few photos to feast you're eyes. Sorry for the sub-par quality. Used my trusty phone to nab the pics.


Awesome die-cast collection scene

TF - been drooling to collect the merch

Lego on a whole different level from what I remember. Whoa!

Lego-ized Luke VS Boba Fett

Ilocos in Lego World

The trip gave me the urged to build something familiar but..... NEW.

SD Destiny should wait (yet again), so as my SD Nu. No black paint still. SD's would be put on hold. For now, I am having a blast building KR W Cyclone Joker. Hihihihi... WIP will be posted soon. Cheers!

Monday, August 20, 2012

Hua Run SD Destiny Gundam - WIP 02: WIVSP

WIVSP - Work In Very Slow Progress
That's the world where I'm at. A long weekend up ahead and it's boring the hell out of me! Would have wanted to have a gloss black base coat to make the metallic finish more prominent but yeah - I was bored and this has been sitting for quite a while now under the bed.

Quick look on my progress

TOA's gloss white sticks more than Bosny's. Originally planned to test out seam line removal. I guess I didn't/don't have the patience.

Everything looks perfect for the head

Metallic finish is really growing on me. Will be going glossy for a while :)

Liking how the red shines. Ahh crap I miss my red Exia

A futile attempt what it's like before / after painting. For those who haven't noticed, Destiny's head, right arm, and right leg are painted. You're welcome.

Tried to get the angle where the colors would pop out. Didn't bother to set up my photo booth. Yes, I didn't have the patience to do so.

Hopefully by day's end I'll be able to pick up my pace and paint the left arm and leg. Will be going out on a date today so that'll hold until later ha-ha! Hope I don't forget to buy that black paint. The "Jester" looks cool BTW. Gotta love that head.