Sunday, June 28, 2015

Bandai SH Figuarts Son Goku (Normal & SSJ) - Review

I had been drooling over these figures on my brother's shelf. As with my recent posts, he lent 'em to me! Let's CHA-LA HEAD CHA-LA!!!

I'm not going to pose both as they are basically the same except for the head and color tones

SH Figuarts detail is as usual perfect

Gimme some screen time

Maybe later

How about right now?

Sure, sure.... But first lemme..........






A couple more hours later.....


Screaming kick!




Back to normal Goku :p

Photoshop fun

23rd Tenkaichi Budokai champion

Best Goku action figure (and all of its variants)

The normal Goku came with a chipped paint on its right shoulder -- quality control issue? SSJ version is perfect
Knee articulation a bit disappointing but mainly because of its design
Face plates from normal to SSJ cannot be interchanged
Only 2 face plates for the SSJ

Best trip down memory lane photo shoot yet! If you're a fan of DBZ (who isn't?) this is the perfect figure to get! The power of nostalgia is such a wonderful thing Bandai decided to milk the franchise so bad DBZ figures on its first stint was so expensive. Luckily there has been/will be re-issues for the existing "exclusives". Yay!

Wednesday, June 17, 2015

Medicom Toy Mafex Batman Ver. 2.0 - Review

An offering by Medicom Toy's Mafex line re-released an already good-looking figure The Dark Knight. It was only logical to please its would-be fanbase that despite having a looker with this figure and a sort-of successful introduction into the market, quality control issues left the first release of Batman collecting dust on the shelf. But have they rectified it in Ver. 2.0?

The obligatory 360 view
Right off the bat (yes that was a pun), this figure looks awesome!

The cape is as manageable as my sister's keratin treated hair

I have not seen the Ver 1.0 personally but from what I've seen on the interwebz the details are a ton sharper here in Ver 2.0

Bale head is accurate but not Hot Toys jaw-dropping accurate - no shame in that considering its price

I am the night.....

I am vengeance! Boooo!



I won't kill you.... But I don't have to save you

...The night is dark and full of terrors

Details are a lot better than 1.0
It's the definitive Dark Knight 6" collectible
Comes with a stand

The joints are useless hindering articulation (I may have been spoiled by SH Figuarts)
Very very hard to make it stand on its own feet!

Looking at the photos is definitely a treat! If you are the type of collector that fancy toy photography and love to fiddle with your action figure, I have terrible news. The second release was supposed to fix the flaws of the not-so-old ver 1.0. Sad to say, ver 2.0 is STILL haunted with some issues from 1.0. I have to say the details are tuned and arms does not pop off as easily. Minor improvements didn't warrant for a second release. What they did was simply alleviate the underlying problems of the first. Potential buyers would have to take a look at other brands yet again. 2.0 could have been perfect. Having said that, owners of 1.0 would find it hard to re-purchase the 2.0. IF and only IF you are looking for Bale-bats this is definitely the one to get and would add up nicely on the shelf.... Where it belongs.