Friday, July 31, 2015

SH Figuarts Uzumaki Naruto - Review

Fresh from its manga finale, Naruto has been the "Dragon Ball" of the millennial kid. Does the SHF figure stack up to Naruto's on-screen success?

Run Naruto run

Ninja 101: Stealth

I'm Naruto Uzumaki! What I like is ramen, especially the kind at the Ichiraku Ramen shop. What I dislike is the three minute wait after you pour in the boiling water. My hobbies are eating ramen. And my dream... is to be the next Hokage-tebayo!!!

Believe it!

Kunai kill

Secret jutsu....

....Mold that chakra........

Unleash a thousand years of PAIN

Futon Rasengan

Tight joints

Normal face looks meh
Rasengan effect looks a little weird
Articulation restriction especially the shoulders

This is a great Naruto action figure but I think SHF could have done a lot better. Articulation is good but not so with the shoulders which I find too restrictive. I can't say much about the detail as it is as perfect SHF quality you'd come to expect. The normal face seems off, I just can't put a finger on what is wrong with it. Maybe it's just me. :p

It's been great to be back blogging thanks to my brother's figures but sadly it will be a while before I find time (and other figures) to review. Unless my brother would lend me his AoU figures then I'm definitely down! Oh, that is if time permits. Hope you enjoyed my 2015 entries! Will be on a hiatus again. Thank you!

Friday, July 3, 2015

SH Figuarts Monkey D Luffy - Review

Free time means blogging! Currently training in preparation for my future employment, toy photography has been that "distraction" to replenish my brain cells. Another figure from my brother's collection - Monkey D Luffy! Now let's do some stretching!

Perfect straw hat

A little weird


Robot-san can you be my nakama!?


2nd!! (This is an edit in PS by the way and not an accessory in the figure)

You won't be able to follow me



Gomu gomu no........ STAAAAAMP!!!

Gomu gomu nooo......




Sorry I couldn't help it someone had to do IT right? XD

Luffy's skinny body is articulation heaven
Accessories + meat lol

String for straw hat
Rubbery / stretched arms and legs

All nothing but praises for the SHF toy line as usual. The only figure I had an issue with is the Iron Man Mark VI because of the weak joints. The cons are nothing but wishlists. Speaking of wishes, I hope SHF would release the complete crew BEFORE if they ever plan to proceed with the new world version. Nami and Sanji were the only ones that had the SHF treatment. Boo no Zoro. All in all, this is a highly recommended purchase.