Monday, May 27, 2013

Bandai RG Freedom - Review

First plan with this kit was to finish it as simple and as fast as possible. Sucking at panel lining, immediate change of plans to remedy the fugliness it turned out. Inspired by kits with dirt, wear and tear, and realism, I ventured in dry brushing hoping to hone my modelling skills (sure). And of course, fix the clusterfuck it has become.

Thus I present, FREEDOM!

Happy with the weathering but still needs a bit of polish on some parts are too busy or too "clean"


Wings are a sight to behold

Real Grade open hatch feature. Minimal but an effective kick

Weather on the skirts and feet are perfect IMO. Glad I was able to pull it off :)

Dim with the shot of the thrusters but the details on them are well put

My only Kira figure. Does not project as action-y as I would like but oh well...

Aaaaand ACTION!

One man army is here there's nothing to fear

Pew pew pew!

Sword get


Had fun with the dual wield

Maul's apprentice

Signature pose: BEAM SPAM!!!

Zoom zoom pew pew zoom pew!

Wings are awesome
Major upgrade with the solidity of the kit
Separate hands made holding weapons easier

As with all RG's, material used with the inner frame got loose FAST. Joints reinforced using clear cutex LOL
Lowest binder on the wing is a bit loose (design flaw)

Wasn't fond of the Freedom's design up till now I have feasted with its RG flavor. Appreciated how the wings amped up gloriously in terms of coolness pretty much what the Aile pack does for the Strike. With this, getting the Justice is a no-brainer. Focusing on my UC collection is top priority, Justice would wait a little longer.

RG still is premature for my taste. It's painstakingly hellish during photo shoot with all the issues of instability. A good sign is the kit itself. RG Freedom is a step towards that.


Sunday, May 5, 2013

Kotobukiya Danboard - WIP 01

Seeing plenty of Danboard on the net really got me into building off another KIT! Yay! Well, still having problems with the urge to build kits. Finished this for a month. Pretty long for something so simple. Took some photos for a WIP. Package was too cool not to :)

A box in a box in a box

Full contents laid out. Humble set of runners

Modeller's essentials - sandpaper, hobby knife, mark setter (fit), and top coat 



Kit has been finished for quite a while now with decals and top coat put on. Not really feeling taking photos on my boring spot. Danboard project cool ones when shot outdoors so. But for formality, I think I'll snap a few later. Stay tuned for the verdict/review :)