Sunday, February 28, 2016

SH Figuarts Rockman Zero - Review

Human and reploidkind's last hope: His name is ZERO....?


Z-Saber GET

Love the translucent piece

L'Oréal ambassador

Ryuenjin!!! always followed by Hyouretsuzan

If you're a Maverick and hears: Hoooooooo-


Hoooooooooooooo!!!!!!!!!! Zero's fundamental 3-combo SLASH

Triple Rod

Looks sick!

Shield Boomerang

Super hero lan.... Ugh....

Buster Shot

Pew pew pew

Who am I...?

Sculpt is spot on

Articulation plenty but a bit restrictive compared to newer releases by SHF

Rockman Zero builds on a new era from the X series. It brings BACK the fun of what the blue bomber and red slasher should be - the best side scrolling game in which the X7 and X8 failed to deliver. Rockman Zero was the saving grace and extended a new lore with that success. This version of Zero is as iconic as the "original" and a must-get! Capcom fucked up and no new series is down the pipeline abandoning a stellar franchise left me scratching my head.

I really enjoyed this figure. The amount of accessories is as fun as playing with Zero's articulated lengthy hair. Careful not to cut yourself though, as the helmet and hair tips are sharp as hell.

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