Monday, October 31, 2011

Bandai RG MS-06S Zaku II Char Aznable Custom - Review

Finally! I mean FINALLY! My Char Zaku got its attention thanks to the long weekend :D
My room was a mess; decals, decal paper, parts, plastic, and a ton of q-tips were lying around. That got me pumped up into finishing the kit. Without further adieu, I present - CHAR!~

Starting off, the complete perks of the kit

A 360 view of Char's Zaku

I just noticed that the insignia on his back pack flew off T_T
Damn I suck at applying decals. Never! EVER! Apply decals on a surface with a flat coat. Always apply it on a smooth / gloss surface. Notice in a few photos that some decals tore off too during photo shoot. LESSON LEARNED.

To show off the RG's articulation

Kneeling poses are flawless (almost, more on that later)



Amuro tasted a few of this


Heat Hawk GET!

Onto my favorite weapon - CHAR BAZOOKA! (?)
Taruget Rokudo


Char Rampage
Char: Who's your daddy now huh AMURO!?!

Char Zaku

Don't ever touch my sister with your filthy newtype hands! >B(

Amuro: But I already "touched" her CHAR!
Char: ........... AMURO!!!
Zaku: Teee-heee....

...And so the eternal rivalry continues

Full Frontal armaments

Oh boy where to start? Details are amazing
Sophisticated color separation are top notch!
Never thought that the panel lines were excessive. It has a ton but felt just about right.
The spring gimmick on his legs
Mono eye moves independently

*Careful when doing kneeling poses. Side skirts tend to fall off
Fingers pop off fairly easily

I've read a lot of reviews and rants about the flaws of the RG kits. From skirts to fingers, for me they are a bit exaggerated. Sure, falling parts are annoying but it WAS NEVER (at least for me) an issue when playing around with it while taking photos. It pops off from time to time but it was manageable. The pros outweigh the cons by a wide margin. The RG's offer something new while staying true from its roots. For fans of the UC timeline, I suggest get the two main suits. I already started the RX-78-2 and crap, I can't wait to finish it soon! Verdict? A must-have!

Saturday, October 29, 2011

Bandai SD RX-93 Nu Gundam... And a few rants >:(

Good news on the RG Char Zaku kit, arms are complete along with the skirt, head, and weapons. All that's left are the body and legs. Left leg is 97% complete, 3 miniscule decals are to be placed probably tomorrow. Hmm... I'm guessing it would take until next week the way I progress. :(

Getting "stressed" with applying waterslide decals on my Char Zaku, I was able to finish this guy. Quite happy how it turned out. Masking was hell as usual but fun anyways. It's been a while since I've painted a kit. Renewing my painting vigor with an SD kit is a sure fire. Assembling SD's are a breeze and a stress reliever from all the sweat, tears, and blood my hands go through the RG. Never thought I'd spend a lot of time (more than an MG, mind you) with it. Again, lifestyle, work, and NBA 2k12 (lol) gets in the way of GunPla. Hopefully I'd find time to sit down and focus on Char Zaku so I can finally proceed with the RX. Tee-hee

Not used to taking shots with a DSLR. I miss my Lumix.

Insignia on his chest, shoulder, and shield are from my MC Hi-Nu Gundoom. A bunch of leftovers so why not use it. This is Nu after all. It sure tops Bandai's waterslide decals as it sticks and conforms to the surface much better, grey color is not "washed" and "dotted", and the backing actually disappears it leaves the decals a painted impression on the surface. NICE!

Side shot whoo

Decal at the back of his head! It says.... Manufactured in Anaheim Electronics lol

...And a few action poses

Hyper OMG Bazooka get-out-of-the-way-or-else-you-know-you're-dead

I really love how the decals turned out. Gave a +1 factor to this badass kit


All your basez are belong to uz!!!

With his pops, Amuro Ray! Awww family photo <3

Emo Gundam

Catch it for only 130 bucks @ Festival Mall! - Cheap
Bazooka has a firing mechanism. Pretty cool gimmick which I don't see in newer kits
Sturdy build. No parts are falling / popping off

Requires a lot (a ton!) of painting to look good
Engineering / articulation of this SD kit is pretty outdated, hence a V2 is released

Summing it all up, pros outweigh the cons. Painting is a given for an SD kit for it to look accurate and good (though newly release post 2005 SD's are good). Engineering too is a given con for this relatively old kit since this was released way back in 93 (?). The bazooka gimmick sure is fun, just don't expect it to shoot the kid in you're neighbor. The projectile travels to 6-8 inches at best.

I love this kit! Especially since I bought this for a mere 130 bucks, which is a price of a bootleg. More importantly, it has become a sweet distraction to pump up my juices into building and hopefully finishing my RG kits soon. Stay tuned! Cheers!

Tuesday, October 25, 2011

WIP: RG Char's Zaku II & SD G-Generation RX-93 Nu Gundam

No, I'm not dead. It's just that applying waterslide decals on the RG are painstakingly hard as hell. So to keep you guys posted on my works, here are some shots to fiddle around:

Bought a Tamiya Mark Fit to improve my waterslide decals adhesion and application

I was able to grab this guy on sale for a mere 130 bucks! Courtesy of my friend Hobby Dumpy. Be sure to visit her blog as well. She's got some cool die casts collection, might as well check it out.

....And some crappy pics I took playing around with my bro's Canon EOS 60D.
ISO setting was too high - hence, the noisy photos :(


I'm done applying decals on the head, armaments, and skirt. WIP-ing arms. Hopefully I can finish all this weekend. And yeah, the RX-93's progress is about 75%. If I get bored stressed with applying decals, the blob head will get his share of attention :)

Sunday, October 16, 2011

Real Grade Kits Have Arrived!!

Finally quenching my GunPla thirst, my RG's have arrived! Ooooohhhwww yeah! Oh, and an E.F.S.F. Action Base to boot! I was able to snag one at a relatively cheap price for a mere 330 bucks (can usually be found at 550 to seven fucking hundred fifty bucks). Too bad the Zeon Action Base ran out of stock :(

Here's a sneak peek of my latest hauls

E.F.S.F. Action Base

RG RX-78-2 Gundam

RG Char Zaku II

Ayt. Let's get down to business! I guess I was waiting for something like this to come along. The RG's were able to spark my GunPla plugs and I am on fire!!! I already started on Char Zaku II and damn these kits are hard but fun!

Thanks to the ColdFire crew for the RG kits and Joami for the E.F.S.F. Action Base!