Monday, July 14, 2014

Bandai RG Destiny Gundam - Review

It's exciting to finally get the Real Grade Destiny @ ToyCon 2014. Quite sadly, after finish building it reminds me how burned out I am from building model kits. Real Grades in particular. Taking photos of this 144 exquisitely detailed kit was........ as well as with all my RG's a pain in the ass. :(


...But also with all my other RG's, the details are just spectacular to behold

Strike Freedom comparison


Boomerangs are cool!

Arondight GET! Badass sword name

Shining Fing..... 

........Palma Fiocina!!!! lewlz

Who's the lead?

No versus action today..... END!

Whether you're a fan of guns or swords - you get the best of both in Destiny
It's an RG!

It's an RG!
Loose joints fast
Extremely back heavy
Extremely difficult to stand on its own
Weapon mount at the back is NOT reliable to hold the Arondight

I have a love and hate relationship with Real Grades. From the time it first came out I was all praises with its detail and have disregarded the major flaws. I wanted to put faith in the line as a 1/144 collector. Major flaws was and sadly still is the inner frame. It's amazing how soft and fast it gets loose from posing it a couple of times. The range of motion ain't as impressive as before when 1/144's were bricks compared to Master Grades but from post Gundam 00 kits, the articulation are just as good without sacrificing the solidity.

This may be my last Real Grade; at least until they've remedied my outcry. I get as much satisfaction from building kits with photography. But with RG's it's more of a frustration because of how difficult to pose despite its range of motion / articulation, it's not capable holding.

Model kits is a form of art I can practice as a hobby which is a frustration I was not able to pursue with my career. Being artsy. I'm still hoping Bandai would stabilize the RG's because they are a heck of a design and interpretation to marvel at. The set of hands was a step to solidifying. The RX-78-2 and Zaku II came with just the sucky articulate hands.

I may as well stick with Robot Damashii's or try MG's in the future and see how it holds (pun) up.


Tuesday, July 8, 2014

Bandai RD Unicorn - Review

Collecting was put to a stall to pave way... well, for more practical stuff. Nothing in particular really. But sometimes the itch gets the better of my thriftiness (oh and fever blurred my decision making). Not that I'm regretting the purchase. I actually had a sense of satisfaction from getting the vanilla Unicorn to have it beside my Uni-Destroy and Nanju.

360 view

This + Shield are its accessories. Fair enough but sadly you cannot fit the Destroy mode weapons (2nd release seem to be capable)

Seeing other reviews I felt the Unicorn has a strong attitude with its design despite it being plain and white

As usual details are superb. Ahh I love the whites

Height comparison. A little bit off scale. I'm guessing the 2nd release also fixed the inconsistency.



Saber GET


Attack on Seed

Director's cut.................

My newtype senses are tingling.....!!!

*Red flash*

Dear Unicorn sir please state La+ location... Or else...

Or else what?!

Can't touch this

I guess asking you nicely is pointless?
....Oh shi....

Char Kick!

Chikusyo! (PEEEW)

A master once said: Powerful beam rifle yes, but hitting me you shall not!

In that case...


Too predictable. The box is mine!

Awww.... Au....drey.... Au...



It's a..... GUNDAM?! Now we're talking

Show me your true power

Come and get it

Simple yet striking design

Being one of the older Robot Damashii's articulation is surprisingly "limited". It has a lot of it but not on par with the new ones. (Destroy mode despite its design is a lot more articulate than the vanilla Unicorn).
Solidity is a little bit down but not entirely an annoyance while fiddling like the RG's. The front and side skirts tend to pop off from time to time.

Summing up, simplicity is its best asset. Got the figure on sale so no regrets as the 2nd release (+Full Armor) is more than twice the price. Good figure overall and the proportions are, as always, great with this Robot Damashii.

Next review: Real Grade Destiny