Wednesday, November 30, 2011

Bandai HG Byaku Shiki - Review

Ahhh yes I'm back. Crap I missed blogging! So you thought I was slacking huh? Well, being away doesn't mean my GunPla crave stopped! I was able to snag a rare kind at the GBWC event and boy I am one happy camper!

I present Hyaku Shiki GPB Custom BYAKU Shiki

This is basically a re-color of the Golden Hyaku Shiki of Quattro Bageena (CHAR, uhh, BAGEENA - that sounds something.... green..). Byaku came out in the anime GunPla Builders - Beginning G
Not a single care if this IS Char's MS or not (well, sort of) but since it is a limited kind, it was an insta-buy for me. I was able to get this for 800 bucks. Good deal :)
Starting off, 360 view ~

Byaku's few armaments. I've painted the saber clear red (it was originally transparent yellow)

This kit is a brick. Not much posing for this guy - though he looks awesome! Also painted his eyes (shades) with bronze and mixed it up with clear red to get the orange-y effect. The foil sticker black was a bit boring for my taste

Darth Maul Byaku lol

Dual wield!!

Byaku Cannon

Peeeeeew peeeeeew


My Newtype senses are tingling!!!


Looks good out of the box
Limited Ed for cheap

Brick - not much articulation. Quite understandable for a re-color of a relatively old kit.
Re-color - it could have worked if they tweaked a little bit to improve its articulation

I love this kit really. A bit biased judgement since this is Char's MS no matter how you look at it. Byaku Shiki's eyes is a funny (but cool) depiction of its pilot, Quattro Bageena's signature sunglasses. I'm pretty sure eventually I'll get HYAKU even though the articulation is abysmal. Collect Zeta START!


No I am not - I've already started painting the SD Zeta:

Hoping I don't mess up XD. I plan on doing a Karaba Assault scheme so wish me luck!

SD's progress has been halted to pave way for the G-SHOT competition. An HG 00 Raiser is in the works and would be custom painted to again, join an HG 1/144 friendly build-off @ GFP. For G-SHOT, I will be eyeing to join the straight build category. Details here: G-SHOT 2011

Monday, November 14, 2011

Bandai RG RX-78-2 Gundam - WIP 03

Other progress are delayed but I managed to take these photos way before my Lumix went out to the seas (take care!). This is just the assembly of the armaments and core fighter of my RG RX-78-2.

Beam rifle is pretty with the black - white color scheme. This is one of the few changes the RG version has

Again, not paying attention to detail, I almost snapped the Hyper Bazooka's handle because I forced it in during assembly. Good thing it didn't break and the chip from the grind were managed by sanding. Stress mark though looks awful :(

Shield has no problems when assembling and the two shades of red give a little more excitement

Core fighter is SWEET! Decal application on this guy is one hell of a job but I managed anyways LOL

An update on my hauls - I've sold my MG Quan[T] w/ LED so you probably won't seeing a Setsuna MS here anytime soon. I have decided that MG's are not my thing anymore (not closing the doors on that line though) since assembling those beasts are a bit stressful on my lifestyle. Focused solely on 1/144 scale HG and RG scale for its vast collection of released MS's. Probably next year I'll start collecting the MG Endless Waltz series for memories of Wing has what started GunPla for me. The kits look awesome while not being too fancy so I think assembly of those would be a breeze.

Oh, I was able to snag a rare kind at a local shop - SD Zeta and SD Nu Gundam bundle. I was surprised that it was NOT overpriced as the other kits laying around and what made me buy it in a heartbeat was that it came with decals. COOL!

Ramt: RG RX-78-2's Review Will Be Delayed... And Then Some :(

I'm 60% done with the waterslide decal application BUT my trusty Lumix went away to another country to see the world leaving me with no means of taking photos of my work T_T

Come Nov. 24th though he'll be back, I hope I'm done with all of my backlogs - and a little bit of surprise awaiting for fans of the SD line

Haven't had the chance to update this blog too since I'm busy with my girlfriend's PC.

Oh, I'm a fan of Manny Pacquaio but a boxing fan first. I think Marquez won that fight by a hairline (or I dare say at least +2 points). Marquez's style when he swoops low, maintains his distance, and counterpunch continues to be problematic for Pac. We could've seen a part IV slugfest between the two top fighters with everything on the line. It's just that the win ain't convincing in my eyes. Yeah, I've seen the scorecard and stats where Manny has won and landed punches more, and Juan Manuel Marquez's plump face, but clearly on television, he was more accurate. 'Nuff of my ramblings. This is God's way of telling you're not always on top. If by any chance the judges (pro's) seen what I haven't seen and concluded Manny won that fight, I'm happy. Cheers Pacman!

Monday, November 7, 2011

Bandai RG RX-78-2 Gundam - WIP 02

Guess what? MS is done! Hurrah! All that's left are the grand daddy's armaments assembly and *gasp* waterslide decal application. Building the RX-78-2 is a treat! Here's why --

HEAD. The most amusing head I've ever assembled. It is so accurate down to the inner frame! COOL!

If you think a Gundam resembles a samurai (look-y those side vents and v-fin), it is because it was made that way. Notice how the Zaku's (or any Zeon MS's) depict barbarians and pirates. Tomino, sir, you are a genius :) 

Again, praising the color separation of parts. Only nitpick here is that I wish the red sensor was in clear piece.

This IS Gundam. Sorry Setsuna :p

Arms and shoulders. The sliding mechanism of arms does NOT work as smoothly and effectively as the legs :(

Ahhh, I haven't put the parts together in preparation for the waterslide decal application and top coat. Glad my GunPla gear is on 6th and going TURBO! BUT, expect a setback in the coming week as I may be busy again as hell at work (boo). Here's hoping my GunPla batts don't give up on me (yet again) and I would be able to continue when I have the time to continue. Oh, can't wait to try creating my DIY lightbox! Tutorials section would be up soon so watch out for that :)

Sunday, November 6, 2011

Bandai RG RX-78-2 Gundam - WIP 01 *and More (Troll Face)

November has been GunPla month for me. Everything is going smooth and I have been progressing faster than expected lately. It's funny because I'm a little busy-er compared to when I was WIPing my Exia Ignition Mode, but anyway here's what I've done so far:

Notice that the feet has 3 points of articulation. MG-ish and this is expected since the Zaku II Char is the same

Legs gimmick - sliding armor is a win for me :)

Color separation of the 'V' in the skirt is awesome. I remember painting that teenee-weenee part on the Ver30thG

Body and booster's color separation (ahh yes the different shades) is an eye opener. This is why I fell in love with the RG line <3

The RG Zaku II Char took me more than 2 months to complete the kit and about 2 weeks to slap in the waterslide decals. Here, it has only been 4 days and I'm almost done with the kit's assembly. Ahhh, can't wait to photo Amuro and Char together (no homo!). I guess the excitement embodied of pulling off poses with their respective mobile suits are keeping me pumped up to finish ..... OR ..... surprise surprise ......

*drumroll...................... ~Ore wa.......