Monday, February 17, 2014

Bandai SDX Command Gundam - Review

A lovely gift form my valentine on Valentine's day. Totally unexpected and pity I had nothing to give in return. I owe her a date! Ha! Seeing the box made me very, very, I mean very happy! I had been eyeing for this figure quite some time now. She must've heard me murmur about it a couple of times, in my deep slumber perhaps, seeing its box made my heart jump I literally shrieked like a girl in awe of what was in store for me.

Oooh sniffing the box brought an aroma of love to my sense of smell. From the bottom of my Gundam heart, I thank you!

Savouring the review, God knows when was the last time I included the box in my photography sessions. This one's special so...

Packed with a bunch of accessories. This is definitely worth it!

The set of eyes which are interchangeable unlike in current SD kits where you're forced to choose at least to options for the stickers are a plus

With Rambo's (I call him that sorry) vanilla configuration 360 view

Sorry for the blur :p

With die cast parts in the right places makes this figure solid as an iron. Articulation is amazing too!


Full gear

Scope adds badassery level to over 9000!!!!!!!

Heavy Arms who?

Mini tank. That knife = WIN


Pew bratatata pew pew pew bratatataaaa!!!

RX-78-2 tribute

Nuclear launch detected

Knfie get-o

From long range to melee

Fire in the hole! Catch this BRUNO!


Pew pew pew pew braattatatataaaa!!!!

Again, Heavy Arms who?!

~You can't talk peace and have a gun (RIP FM)


Metal parts
Details are crisp and clean


Not sure if the SDX line has stopped its production as the prices are going up in the market. I'm looking for something to pair this baby with as it left me in awe how much an SD can be so enigmatic with its tiny factor. The SDX line is definitely tops! For those who are collecting SD kits would be refreshed and amazed how cramped this figure is. It's packed with gimmicks, accessories, and overloaded with how an SD should be (extra eyes, hands, and comedy). Must get!

Bawi na lang ako sa date! Salamat! :)