Sunday, December 23, 2012

Bandai RD 00 Quan[T] - Review

2012's days are waning. Life has been good but still looking to find time for myself. The hobby offered precious moments (yes, my childhood frustrations with 'toys') to enjoy me being me.

Cheesy opener out of the way, I got a Robot Damashii 00 Quan[T] from a friend in a Gundam party! Condition was a bit loose but I was able to get this baby for 1.1k cheap.


Color accuracy is perfect as with all of my Robot Damashii's
That GN Drive at the back looks good

Humble set of accessories (this is all what Quan[T] has so it's fine unless you want the Full Saber). Hmm, not quite sure what those red pieces are for. Didn't bother using them lol


SSJ!!! ᕙ(⇀‸↼‶)ᕗ



Had fun with an android app (Photo Grid)


行く Bits-u!

Badass level over 9000!

GN Sword V c-c-c-combine

(Warm photos thanks to my T.V. bombing my light haha)

*snap-u* *snap-u*


Want a piece of me boy?

I'm sexy.....

....and I know it!

Give the fans a bit of service. Fuck understanding! I want to see Quan[T] in his full glory! TRANS-AM!!!

Sword bit gimmick (O-ring)

Solidity a bit lacking considering this is Robot Damashii
Design for thighs a bit thick which limited articulation a little
Back heavy (easily put up when strategically positioned/balanced) - I may have been spoiled by the Revol joints, haha!

The 00 Gundam series have its fair share of awesome looking MS's. Anyone who's new with the Gundam franchise or fans that's post 2000 (after UC and Wing) dare say that 00 is the best thing that has happened for the Gundam-verse. Understandable as how the GSD clusterfuck turned out, fans both old/new was served with something fresh but has the roots of having a realistic GUNDAM-Y story.

00 Quan[T] did not disappoint as far as being the lead. A lot to be desired with its action sequence in the movie, still, this IS the most popular as the fanbase from different series are waging war with the million dollar question "Which is the most powerful Gundam?". 

Ahh, to hell with the kiddie stuff, I love how 00Q looks and that's good enough for me to purchase this figure. LOL. Articulate figure with a lot of things going on for its sword was really a treat and a sight to behold. So, is this a good purchase? Yes. Definitely. But. I think the HG is the better purchase. HG's head looks sharper. It's cheaper. Probably has the same level of articulation and can have the Full Saber attached.

That's it for me for 2012. Thanks for reading until this part. I may have a long hiatus. Cheers for a good GunPla/GunFig(?) run and again, domo arigato! Happy holidays (=^ェ^=) meoow~

Saturday, December 15, 2012

Bandai HG 00 7 Sword/G - Review

It's that time of the year when Pinoy GunPlars unite. GFP's 1/144 Year End challenge. Yes. Hell yeah. I'm in. My previous year's entry 00 Raiser (Liminality) was a bit on the safe side focusing on execution. A pretty straight forward approach in which paid off *cough* did get 5th (mom was proud BTW). 2012 was a good run gunning my aggressive side in trying out a lot of new stuff. I sure did improve on creativity and paint jobs were smoother. My SD Zeta Karaba project was a long shot but eventually turned out AWESOME. Learned patience too! (if that's a skill).

On a funk lately scrapping time off GunPla making way for priorities (work - as if I have a choice). The challenge cranked up my juices to end the year with something new and exciting!

I present - 00 7 Sword/G MAXIMALITY (Lamborghini theme)

Strayed away from the comfort zone and pushed my luck dry brushing. What I've learned here is that you just can't dab and paint away. You need planning to make the effect look real and not some random tear on the MS. Still noobish but satisfied on how it turned out.

Decals :)




Holy mother of........


EXTREME articulation
I'm a sucker for swords so... ( ಥ益ಥ )  nyahihi
Design (subjective)

Wrists came loose pretty fast

00 variants are really fun to work with. It's simplicity allows it to be one agile/very poseable mutha$*&!# yet it contrasts how well it was designed to have that daunting look to be such a badass Gundam. 

Completing the year for my GunPla run was awesome. Ending 2012 with a BANG! thanks to GFP for offering such a friendly yet fiery competition among my brethren to exhibit my skills was an honor.

I can see what lies beyond from now that I need to cut back on GunPla or to be more precise, any hobby related stuff. I'm not going to shun out of it completely but I dare say 2 kits/figs would be tops for 2013. I am holding my wallet for this baby:

I still have an incoming Robot Damashii surprise though so watch out for that :D

Cheers and have a pleasant holiday season!
Meri Krismasu~