Friday, November 22, 2013

Bandai RD Exia - Review

Swords. I easily fall in love with figures regardless if it's a Gundam or whatever with swords! From multiple weilds, gigantic broads, to gun swords, it's exciting during photo ops.

Today's entry has been hard to find. Robot Damashii's Exia is so rare that used items are a lot more expensive than its retail price. Given that figures would eventually stop a production of a line or a particular figure, I'm not surprised. For a year of hunting the elusive bast*rd I finally saw someone selling for ~$45. Condition has loose joints (remedied by my sister's trusty nail polish) and a lot of dirty whites but the deal was so tempting to finally complete my Setsuna MS Robot Damashii collection. Gun click, BOOM, I present EXIA!

360 view

Exia's minimal waist design screams articulation

Exia's head = Nerddrool


Setsuna F. Seiei, Exia.....

...Exterminating target

Sword get!


Wareware wa GUNDAM!

Solidity (even with abuse and age, figure can still manage with those 'loose' joints)

Leg design is shit
Ball joint on hips

Exia being one of the older released Robot Damashii's was a little (teeny weeny) off of articulation compared to recent. The legs gave me a lot of headaches with its crotch area. Ground poses surprisingly needed a lot of work despite its supposedly simplistic design. Knee was also a pain in the ass to move with its design mechanism.

Not too surprised with the cons as the figure was old but still has a lot of articulation coming from RD. Still a suggested purchase if you can snag one as its rarity increases as we speak. I could've managed to get the HG instead of hunting for the Robot Damashii. The perfectionist that I am streamlining my collection did took over and all I can say is it's worth the wait! Happy how all my Setsuna units are from the same toy line :)

Price of this figure are now starting to balloon up to $125 (~PhP5k). If you're just starting collecting, I do highly suggest getting the HG kit instead as you won't miss a lot of action from it.

Next review - god VS bat

Monday, November 11, 2013

Bandai RD Volkein - Review

Ah November! Good November so far has been sweet. A lot of good things happening in life probably ignited my nerd blood to blog again. And with the help of Stage Act probably. Bad news is still no Pla / kits at work. A surprise waiting for late December would hopefully keep you visiting :)

Now onto my 2nd GunXSword Robot Damashii merch - Volkein. While Dann of Thursday proving yet again how magnificent RD's can be, would Volkein follow the trend?

Front. Looking good!

Side. Looks promising!

Back. SOLD!

Cape have points of articulation. Cool points up.

Superb details on rifle. Overall, this figure is awesome.


Classic looking handgun is tops. My weapon of choice.

Pew pew pew pew!

And that weird looking gun...





If all else fail then... (great how it can hold the rifle up with ease without any support)


Roger that.

Cape articulation
Big gun
A lot of set hands

The head is massively obstructed
Cape limits articulation (wouldn't have been a con if placement was a little higher so the arms can move about a little bit better)

Volkein never failed to deliver. Cons are nitpicks at most. This figure most certainly had a special treatment while Bandai was cooking up for the GunXSword merchandise, pretty much what Dann of Thursday brought to the table. I'm so glad I got the pair for cheap. Funds was lacking at the time but was too hard to pass up since Volkein's price are starting to balloon and got rare by the moment. Got these pair of babies for less than PHP3k (~$75). Sweet sweet sweet deal.

Upcoming review - Swords and "zeroes". Again.

Sunday, November 3, 2013

Bandai RD Dann of Thursday - Review

Hohoho glad to be back! Long hiatus now over but sadly this will be another short stint of me blogging / reviewing my collection. A handful of Robot Damashii's have been acquired since my blog succumbed to a deep slumber. What actually has been pulling me from reviewing the figures is that I have been hunting a Tamashii Stage Act 4/5 to give justice to the poses my imagination have been oozing but to no avail.... At least until NOW! I was able to snag TSA 4 (hoping for a 5 to accomodate RD's weight but 4 will do - hopefully or at least for this figure).

Now onto the review! I present, GunXSword's (pronounced as Gun-Sword no "ex") Dann of Thursday

Face details are spectacular

Thursday Kick-u

Oooooohhh O________O

Final raido - D-d-d-d-d-dann of Thursday

Articulation? More than 30 points.

I can't remember if he did put that blade on his elbow in the show



A treat during close ups for this fig. Details are breathtaking

It used to be able to stand on its own toes. Joint got a little loose and the glass surface certainly didn't help. Still amazing how wide the articulation on its feet is. Cool.




The level of simplicity with Dann's design as a humanoid robot and yet having the sophisticated details with wires going on his arms and legs, fine lines all over it's body, and the crystal-y blue kicks in a sweet flavor with how perfect (at least in my eyes) this masterpiece is. It kind of reminds me of Evangelion mechs - only busier in the design department. That sort of mixture gives an articulate yet beautiful figure. Thank you RD for reanimating this perfection in real life!

Swords are a thing of the past....

Next stop: Volkein