Friday, April 5, 2013

Bandai RD Sinanju - Review

The shift to figure from kits is now quite apparent. If you'll dig deep into the blog, you'll find a handful of unfinished WIP's probably a year old already (and one's that I haven't touched -- ohh the poor back logs). For some reason I cannot find the time (and honestly the passion) to build. Being the perfectionist that I am I cannot stand nubs, color inaccuracy, and whatever. The process takes a lot of toll and frankly, negates the fun. At least for me. Which should NOT as those are the main purpose of kits. Enjoy building.

Robot Damashii has been that savior for me. I still enjoy my fondness for Gundam merch and toy photography. Drama aside, I present Sinanju!!!

Tops - 360 view: Pretty daunting Mobile Suit isn't it? >:D

Love them boosters! ( ˘ ³˘)♥

Weapons and other stuff

Banagher must've pee'd his pants seeing this close up

Ahhhh the detail!!

Sieg Zeon


Any last words?



~Faints~ thanks to the sheer awesomeness of both together

Figure being Sinanju (LOL. No. Seriously.)
Bulky but tons of articulation
If you're into kits, this saves you detailing up the gold trims

Ankles are fairly weak
Bit back heavy
No bazooka :(

From time to time, you can tell which suits got a special treatment. You can just say that Bandai wants this to be their flagship. A milestone for the franchise. Upon seeing Gundam Unicorn Ep. 6, Sinanju's brilliance while fighting in space got me into buying this fig. My next purchase would have been an RD Exia but the feeling I got was too hard to get over. I had nerdy dreams being Full Frontal downing Pegasus-class ships. True story. And damn, boy was I rewarded handsomely.

I don't get why fans argue about kits VS figures. For a specific unit, one can edge another due to its release date with one having newer engineering. But generalizing figures suck because it's a toy blah OR my figure is much much pricey shit argument are too childish. Why become a purist when you can enjoy both? Cheers!