Monday, July 23, 2012

Hua Run SD Destiny Gundam - WIP 01

Gone for more than a month. Rainy season has come and boredom quickly turned my GunPla hands on fire. Haven't bothered touching my Pla stuff as I am quite the "busy" person. (Yep - my trusty gamepad is gone and didn't had the urge to watch movies either.). Rant aside, my GFP trophy finally got it's overdue attention:

I present Hua Run's SD Destiny - another bootleg player <but phased out(?)> along with QY tackling your SD needs :)

My first encounter with the brand. Skepticism sank in, trusting QY's quality in detail I think is hard to top. Looking at the runner's I see awfully thin plastic. Details look good though

*Tip - When snap fitting, cut the male connectors diagonally (as seen below) for easy disassembling the pieces. Snap fitting helps you plan your painting, seam removal, mod, etc..

Head looks good but has spaces under the side of its eyes. Not sure if I'll bother putting putty to make it look full. It doesn't look that bad though.

Shot - space more pronounced below

Breezing through the manual, I haven't found anything to fix. Remedies are solely for excess plastic on the corners of parts and nub removal which is pretty basic. Starting to love Hua Run :)

Backpack looks sweet with its armaments. (Free stand)

Destiny FINGER. Move out of the way Domon XD


I thought I'd be a bit rusty coming out from a long hiatus. Had fun building this kit and it was a breeze! Had no problems with the assembly so no 'Step by step' for this guy. :)

Sorry if I had been gone for more than a month. I sincerely cannot get myself to spend hours on GunPla anymore but I can assure you that whatever's left in the closet will be done SOON. (Oh please no more backlogs by 2013 hahaha!)