Monday, April 30, 2012

Bandai RD Unicorn Destroy Mode Full Action Ver. - Review

Yes! My 2nd haul in the RD line. Again, another steal deal. This fig retails for about 2.5-3k+ but was able to grab it for only 1.3k! And to add icing on the cake, it's brand new! My funds are actually limited this month as I will be going for vacation but with that price it was too hard to pass up being an unplanned purchase.

To make story short, I am one happy camper :D

360 view, box

Unicorn Destroy Mode looks really wicked >:D

Backpack looks awesome and cleanly detailed

Run Forest Unicorn, Run!! Showing off the articulation (WOW)

What's inside the box: Boom! A pair of Gatling guns, bazooka, beam rifle, 2 beam sabers, 2 packs of ammo (rifle), bazooka ammo, shield, shield connectors, different sets of hands, and the disappointing extra v-fin

Disappointing as my fig came with a bent v-fin. Most likely a case to case basis because of its rubber nature. Oh well...

Unicorn Destroy with his full ar..... maments :p

Gramps Gundam and his 5th(?) son (size comparison)

You haven't seen DESTROY MODE yet until........

H-Arms where you at hommie?!

I desperately need a Tamashii stand :(

Banagher with his most adored weapon

Unicorn: Sword GEEEET!!

Come and get it

A bit weird seeing Unicorn with aggressive agile poses. He's pretty static in the OVA's. Articulation is really good with this fig

My favorite box art pose

Articulation is superb (yes, I'm really starting to love RD)
Details are perfect
Comes with a ton of equipment

V-fin and hands are a bit loose but was not really a bother when fiddling around
Extra v-fin is bent (maybe case to case)

Another awesome piece from Robot Damashii! This purchase easily had mileage on every penny spent. I still can't believe that I was able to snag this fig for 1.3k with all the equipment, articulation, and details that is so close to perfection. A must-have for UC fans and I dare say that its value is really on the 2.5-3k+ range with what you're getting.

Friday, April 6, 2012

Bandai HG Wing Zero TV - WIP 02

Progressing quite nicely this holy holiday week. Painted a bunch of parts. All that's left are the left leg, boosters, and repainting the head and shield.

The saber hilts on its shoulders are originally mono-colored blue. Easily masked this one to give an emphasis to the hilt.

This is after completing Zero's left arm. Quite a change their from the original (right arm). Happy with the results :)

Looking at Zero's original base color, it is more of a "dirty" white than the paint I used which screams brightly.

Progressing down the skirts and onto the right leg

Again, a bit of comparison to Zero's original colors (right leg) to the painted parts. Blue, red, and white are obviously brighter which makes it feel more of anime accurate for me. I also replaced the gold parts to yellow not because I want to be as close to the anime - but I ran out of gold paints.

Summing things up and with the way things are going, I think ETF (estimated time to finish) will be within this weekend BUT all can get delayed if I won't be able to get my hands on lacquer thinner needed to strip the shield and head's paint. The joints are also "toughened" up due to the paint where it aged flimsily prior.

Repainting this kit has been a treat. The feeling of working on your most cherished (cheesy) kit has been a fantastic experience. Wing has been the most influential series for Filipinos and opened the doors to mecha addiction.

Have a meaningful holy week holiday to all of you. :)